Thomas Ligon, Burgess from Henrico County

Thomas Ligon, the eldest son of Thomas Ligon (c. 1577-1626) and Elizabeth Pratt (1602-1631) was baptized at Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Warwickshire 11 Jan 1623/4.  He immigrated to Virginia in the 1640s and settled at Henrico County.  He married Mary Harris, daughter of Captain Thomas Harris, of Henrico County before 1649.  Mary stated in a deposition given in 1684 that she was 64 years of age, making her birth year about 1620.  The couple had five sons: Thomas, William, Richard, Matthew, and Hugh; and two daughters: Johan (wife of Robert Hancock) and Mary. 

​Thomas, the immigrant, served as a member of the House of Burgesses for Henrico in 1656, was a lieutenant colonel in the militia, and was a surveyor of Henrico County until his death in 1675/76. Lt. Colonel Thomas Ligon left a will (now lost), dated 10 Jan 1675/76 and proved 16 March 1675/76, in Henrico County, Virginia.  His widow Mary Harris Ligon gave her brother the “whole profits of the surveyor’s place” by an agreement recorded 1 Nov 1679 until her eldest son should become of age.  In Mary Ligon’s will, dated 18 April 1702/3 and proved 1 Feb. 1703/4 in Henrico County, she left sons Richard Ligon and Hugh Ligon 200 acres lying in Curles, Henrico County, being part of the land given to her by her father, Captain Thomas Harris.
First Mississippi Company descendant of Thomas Ligon and Thomas Harris: Charles Hill