Peter Field, Burgess from Henrico 1688 and 1693

Born in Henrico County about 1647, Peter Field married Judith Soane Randolph, the widow of Henry Randolph, on 21 Oct 1678 in Charles City County, VA.  Judith, born about 1646 in England, was the daughter of Henry Soane II and Judith Fuller who emigrated to Virginia about 1651. 

Peter named his home in Henrico County Curtis Plantation, located on the James River.  According to the 1678 levy, he was assessed with seven tithables. The children of Peter and Judith Soane Field were Mary Field Jefferson (1679-1715) and Martha Field Archer (1680/81-1776). Peter became the Justice of the Peace in Henrico County (1683-85, 1688, 1691, 1692, 1695, 1696, 1699, 1704, 1705) and also served as a major in the colonial militia, as the High Sheriff of Henrico in 1682, and as a Burgess from Henrico in 1688 and 1693.

Peter was the guardian of Henry Randolph II, child born to Henry Randolph I and Judith Soane Randolph, now wife of Peter Field.  On 1 Apr 1681, Peter Field entered into a law suit with Robert Marr and Evan Bellenger concerning land boundaries as the guardian of Henry Randolph II.

​In a letter dated 1 Aug 1694, Peter refers to William Soane has his “brother,” meaning brother-in-law.  Peter Field moved to New Kent County shortly before he died, where his death was recorded as 24 July 1707 in the New Kent Parish Register with his burial on 29 July.

On 1 Mar 1708/09 there is a deed recorded from Thomas Jefferson and his wife Mary, daughter of Major Peter Field, late of New Kent.  And in August 1711, there is a deed from John Archer and Martha, his wife, to William Randolph for 961 acres left to Martha by the will of Peter Field, gentleman.

First Mississippi Company Descendant of Peter Field: Charles David Hill