Thomas Harris, Burgess from Henrico County

Thomas Harris (1586-c. 1649), an ancient planter and inhabitant of Virginia listed on the 1624-25 Muster, arrived on the Prosperous in May 1611 with a group brought by Sir Thomas Dale to establish a settlement in Henricus. On 18 Nov 1618, Harris was granted 100 acres as an Ancient Planter at Neck of Land and is listed in the Muster at Charles City as age 38 with his first wife Adria (Hoare), age 23.

Thomas Harris and Adria were married in Virginia, as she had come to America in 1621 on the Marmaduke. Thomas acquired another 650 acres of land for the transportation of 13 persons to the colony and another 400 acres by inheritance.  Harris also acquired the 700 acres known as Longfield that belonged to his neighbors, Edward and Ann Gurganey, when Ann Gurganey bequeathed the land to Harris in her 1619/20 will; this land was patented in his name in 1637. 

Harris was elected as a Burgess for Neck of Land in 1624 and for Henrico in 1640, 1647-48.  He also served as a Commissioner for the “Upper Parts,” land which included Henrico, and as the Commander of Henrico County.  After the death of his wife Adria, he married the widow of William Vincent, Joane, who was five years his senior.  The only children of Thomas Harris were by his first wife Adria: Mary and William.  Mary married Thomas Ligon, and William inherited Longfield in his father’s will, made about 1649 but now lost.