Henry Soane II, Burgess and Speaker of the House from James City County

Henry Soane II (1622-1661) is believed to have been born 17 Nov 1622 in Brighton, Sussex, England.  He was the son of Henry Soane I and Elizabeth Worger. Henry Soan II married Judith Fuller, born 17 Nov 1620 in East Sussex England.  He emigrated with her and their children to Virginia around 1651. They had six children: Elizabeth Soane Peterson, Judith Soane Field, Captain Henry Soane III, Katherine, John, and one other.  Through his daughter Judith Field, Henry Soane II became the great, great grandfather of President Thomas Jefferson.

Henry was a Virginia politician and land owner. He lived on Hoggs Island, in Accomack County and settled  in James City County along the Chickahominy River. In November 1653, Henry Soane received a patent for 297 acres in James City County on Hoggs Island for transporting six persons: himself, Henry Soane, Jr., Judith Soane, John Soane and Eliza. Altogether, Soane acquired 8500 acres of land in Virginia, mostly for transporting 56 more people to the colony.  In 1655, he received permission to employ two Indians.

He served in the House of Burgesses from 1652-1654 and from 1658-1661.  He was Speaker of the House of Burgesses in 1661. 

First Mississippi Company Descendant of Henry Soane II: Charles David Hill